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we are currently using CRM Dynamics 4.0 and we need to pass on leads to our remote sales team who do not have access to our CRM, however we are wanting to still capture the lead in our CRM. However, the dilemma we have at the moment is that users need to first enter in the info into the CRM by creating the lead and populating relevant fields and then re enter this info into an email to be sent to remote users. So in effect we are double handling things here and I am looking for a way that perhaps the CRM - via a workflow for example the scenario could go something like, lead setup (inhouse) lead to a manager and email containing details is sent to remote user, at the point where the lead is assigned can we have a trigger in the workflow that will capture the required information i.e. contact details and notes from the newly created lead and send out it via an email.

The entire process does not need to be automated and we are happy to still have some degree of human intevention as required.

So i guess my question is 1. can this be done and if so how?

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Chinmay PatelChief Technical NinjaCommented:
Hi Adma1,

Definitely a workflow is a right way to go about this.

Check this simple tutorial on Workflow creation.

You will be able to capture everything via Workflow for notes I think you will have to come up with an alternative for example create a text field on the Lead itself to enter notes and train your team to enter note there as you might have to write a custom workflow activity to use Notes content in a Workflow.


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Adma1Author Commented:
Hi Chinmay,

Thanks for your response and apologies for delay in response, I have only returned to site today.

I took a look at the tutorial link you provided and however I am still a little confused as to exactly how I configure this workflow.

I have 2 screenshots of how I have begun creating this workflow.

under Start when I selected when record is assigned and under 'Add step', I selected Send Email, but I am a little confused as to what to do in the set properties window as it is an email template but the email is OK to be sent FROM the same person but depending on type of lead it will be SENT to different users.

Also I am unsure of what the additional/ following steps would be.

Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
Adma1Author Commented:
Sorry did not include attachments in the previous post. See attached.
Adma1Author Commented:
A bit of an update on this one...

I have reconfigured my workflow in that I have changed the email properties and set the To: field as record owner and From field: to created by.

I successfully publish the workflow and when I go to create a new lead and change who the lead is assigned to/ owner nothing happens the workflow appears as though it is not running as I cannot see anything relating to the workflow name in system jobs even though it has been published.

See attached screenshots..

I urgently need to get this working so any immediate help would be greatly appreciated and I am waiting by the computer for updates.

Chinmay PatelChief Technical NinjaCommented:
Have you set all the fields with right values in Email? Are there valid email addresses available?
Do you see anything going on in "Workflows" option in your workflow page?
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