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Am new to SAN's so any help would be appreciated. I have 2x HP server connected via duel SAS cables to a HP P2000 SAN with Duel controllers.  I have provisioned a VDISk and shared storage on the SAN and can see this on the server. However when I remove on of the cables to the SAN the drive disappears.  How do I set the SAN to be a shared storage location accross all of the 4x Cables to the 2 servers.  Do i need to set the servers into a failover clustered enviroment to achive this?
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The host cabling is pretty simple, connect host port 1 on both controllers to server 1, host port 2 on both controllers to server 2, up to 4 servers supported.

You need to configure MPIO because with two paths to a server the OS is likely to see these as two separate disks, one on each cable. That's likely to be part of your problem, MPIO not configured. Should be included with Windows 2012 although may not be installed.

As far as connecting two hosts to the same Vdisk / LUN you need clustering to be setup, otherwise they will overwrite each other's data since the master file table is cached in RAM. Caching the MFT speeds up file access but it does mean the OS doesn't bother to check to see whether some other server has written to the disk.
CruthinAuthor Commented:
Great Job. Just the Advice I needed had an idea but needed someone with the knowledge to give me that bump in the right direction.
Hi guys

could you please precisely describe how to set up a 2012R2 csv cluster with 2 hosts and a P2000G3 sas array ?

Step by step would be great  and that would help me in my project...

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