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Error 170: Incorrect syntax near '=' on SQL Server 2000

hi SQL folks

i got stuck on the following error when modifying a stored procedure on SQL Server 2000, the Stored Procedure Properties window keeps showing the stop-sign message after pressing the Check Syntax button.

Error 170: Incorrect syntax near '='
this happened after adding the IF EXISTS () clause at line 11, before that there was no any error message.

the SQL server 2000 is running on Windows NT 4 server. yes, it is a NT 4 box. :-)

can you please help me determine where the problem is?

2 Solutions
Change the "if exists" part:

select @right = tag_right from tags where tag_key = @tag_id
if (@right is not null)
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
if exists ( select @var = field ...

is not allowed in Sql Server.

I suggest you modify like this:

select @right = tag_right from  ....
if @right is not null
bbaoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
thank you all for the prompt replies. your comments did help!

as a C programmer who used to assign variable followed by comparison, sometimes it is really easy to have the same thinking when writing in other languages. :-)

the issue is that an assignment ("select @right = tag_right") was incorrectly given to a comparison ("if exists"). your comments did let me realise the reason.

actually, IF EXISTS () is allowed in SQL Server, but it requires a comparison to be followed. after correcting the code like below, it works now.

if exists (select tag_key from tags where tag_key = @tag_id)

thanks again.
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