How to disable Warrning message at startup

Hello  everyone,

Our network contain active directory domain ,client computers are mix of windows vista and windows 7

All domain controllers are 2003 with latest forest and domain functionality

Group policy are applied to client computers at Organizational units also we have multiple Gpo’s linkAt each OU

I have an issue with windows 7 clients when I join the to the domain there is a feature called “Getting started “it will lunch automatically when the user logged in
Like I said we have multiple restriction on client computers on of them will not allow this feature to run correctly and it will generate an error message like shown bellow

My question is there any way do disable this feature to preventing it from running ? I saw some threads online there is a gpo setting for this situation but it require updated version of schema, Can I disable warning message at windows startup?

And right now I don’t want to update the current schemma
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this one, message is different but the proceedure should be the same
Disable Annoying Windows Logon Warning Message
Display custom legal notices & start up messages in Windows 7 | 8
good luck
You should find a Group Policy setting under
User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Windows Explorer.
In the right pane, modify "Do not display the Welcome Center at user logon"
To disable the Welcome Center set it to Enabled and click on OK


This is a very common issue for Users that have Chrome installed or recently uninstalled Chrome or firefox

Do these machines have Chrome installed?

its possible they are not actually restrictions put in place by your organization but from having Chrome installed

The Getting started may be trying to run using chrome and or fireox

Try the steps posted on slipstick and see if they resolve your particular issue
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Iain MacMillanIT ManagerCommented:
In addition for future-proof sake, you may want to look into either upgrading on DC to 2008 R2 or better, to fully use the GPO profiles for Vista and Win 7, or i think there was a way to import the standard ADMX templates into 2003 (or ADM versions), so you can fully use GPO settings for these OS's.

Right now your 2003 server will have the XP equivalent policies installed, so you will have only the basic common policy settings available (not including any Office ones you may have imported).
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
213 days until end of support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP
uknet80Author Commented:
Thank you uknet80
All the Best!!
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