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No warning when users domain passwords are set to expire

We have a 2003 environment with majority of PC's still being xp. I have been updating servers and PC's to 2008 and 7. One thing I have noticed when a users domain password is getting close to expire the new PC's and citrix sessions running on 2008, the end user doesn't get the warning that there password is going to expire and would they like to change it. For all the xp and 2003 boxes the warning starts at 14 days. The xp and 7 pc's are in the same OU in AD so Im not sure why they do not get the warning.
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I did the GPO that it suggested I will do some testing and let you know
Its still not the same  the difference is this, when you logon to a xp or 2003 citrix desktop during the loading personal settings a pop-up comes up that warns you and asks you if you want to change he password you have to click yes or no. On the windows 7 or 2008 citrix desktop alls we get is a warning by the clock once we get logged on that notifies you only have x amount of days before your password expires but unlike the 2003/xp popup you don't have to address this so it can go missed by the end user. Do you know if they changed the warning all together? because I don't get the windows 7 warning on a xp box
I found the answer to my last post. They did change he way a user gets notified about expiring password
It was a good answer but not exactly what I was looking for it turns out that MS changed the way that notification is displayed to end users