Cisco ASA 5510 - Portmap translation issue

Hello Experts,
I need some help.  I'm a novice when it comes to firewalls, and our ASA5510 is spewing information about a portmap translation issue.

We had a network migration and I'm just now getting back to watch logs and what-not.  The migration was to restructure network subnets and attach to a new WAN fiber.

The ASA is passing traffic, but users have found some slowness in the network which was not there prior to the network migration.  It seems that I've lost my telnet access to the box, but the ASDM connection is still available.  Here is what it is saying.  

snap of asdm events
Again I'm not a polished firewall guy, so I'm sure this is something relatively simple.

I have a good handle on the specific IP addresses on my network, and the was an old DC.  The problem is that the DC has been terminated for over a couple of years.  This has shown up just recently after the network migration.

Any ideas?

Attached config (removed any identifiable info)
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anoopkmrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you can use the  "request attention"   option , so that moderator will help you to get others help.

 please refer the below url for the details of  my comment
try after adding the below commands

static (inside,inside) netmask
static (inside,inside) netmask
static (inside,inside) netmask
irishmic33Author Commented:
Ok, I'm following.

Should I explicitly state all subnets?  There are roughly 12 other subnets that are on the inside of the ASA.  They are all simply flat /24 networks (listed in the static routes).

I have a set of 3550 switches managing intra-vlan routing.  The is a Cymphonix content filter... which sits between the ASA and the 3550.  It looks like the majority of the portmap errors.
irishmic33Author Commented:
Not that I don't trust you anoopkmr...

Can anyone else verify that this is what I need to do?  These changes will be on my production network, and the commands are a bit foreign to me to only be selecting a couple of my networks and not all.  

Just want to be making the right move the first time.
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