Inbox items being duplicated as drafts in Exchange account

Hi Everyone,

I am stumped by this behavior I am experiencing in the Exchange account of one of my users.

Background detail:
- Exchange 2013 recently migrated from 2003 (2010 as a stepping stone)
- Outlook 2007 on the user's PC
- Outlook 2013 on a 2008R2 terminal server
- The user also has an iPad and a Blackberry Z10 attached to the Exchange account via ActiveSync

What I am finding is that certain emails in the inbox are randomly being duplicated as draft messages.  The one pattern I am possibly seeing is that I think all the problem emails are sent to a POP account that is forwarded to the Exchange account.

These drafts are appearing in the Inbox and not the Drafts folder.  When you click on them the draft is trying to send as the original sender of the email (say I receive an email from, the draft tries to send as

I am seeing the behavior duplicated on both versions of Outlook and in OWA.  No other user is the organization is having the problem.  At least one other person is tied to Exchange using an iPhone.  However this user is the only one with the Blackberry, which makes me suspect this device.

Does anyone recognize this issue or know of any compatibility problems between the new BlackBerry devices and Exchange 2013?

Ultimately I am trying to figure out how to prevent these drafts from appearing, as the using is getting quite confused.

Thanks for any input
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ITEdgeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the response,

I found the issue to be similar to that described in this KB:

basically the POP account was delivering to Exchange and the Exchange database didn't have a final destination for the email, so it was showing as a draft still in transition.

I found two solutions: move the POP email to deliver to a PST or enable cached mode, which sets up a local file where the email can be delivered.
S00007359Cloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
Log into exchange 2013, and wipe the ipad and black berry device.

log the user on ts server and get thme to access emails, and tidy up anything files/folders, etc. [ensuring that outlook 2007 is closed at this time]

i would suggets that you upgrade the outlook 2007 to outlook 2010, or 2013, or get the user to access owa 2013, and outlook 2013 only.

next upgrade the active sync ot what modules on ipad and blackberry [mapi]

setup the mobile devices for emails. i'd say, black berry will cause issues in the path. cheers
ITEdgeAuthor Commented:
I found the answer on my own after troubleshooting and testing
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