XAML, WPF, WinForm rumors of death

Hi Everyone,
I am a c# SharePoint/ASP developer in my day job.  I am working on a project for fun at home using winforms.  It's a small desktop application.  I am using winforms since there are a lot of grids and I like working with c# vs. javascript.

I try to use newer technologies just for learning purposes so I was considering changing the forms to WPF\XAML.  I started looking around and there are a ton of articles that are several years old talking about XAML, Silverlight, WPF being dead.  While I am not worried about they actually dying anytime soon, I don't want to spend extra time to learn something that will not be useful for a job in a few years.

Can someone please give me some guidance on which approach I should take with the ultimate goal of learning a technology that will be useful in a few years?

(Sorry for the caps, but EE seems to be falling apart lately with people quickly googling a keyword and posting links.  Please assume I already did research on google/msdn.)
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thats really in the eye of the beholder.
articles regarding XAML, Silverlight, WPF being dead are just that..Articles and opinions NOT fact.

Languages dont just go "dead"
I still have VB4 applications that are fully functioning.... And jsut the other day there was a post here on EE where a user was asking how to clear space on his WIN 95 machine.

IMHO.. Learn what you like there are plenty of niches out there that will accomodate those skills. In this day & age you can even do them remotely. If you enjoy  WPF\XAML then contrinue to develop in it.  

I don't think there is a crystal ball that could tell us what will and will not be a hot commodity as far and languages go in the next few years.

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jackjohnson44Author Commented:

As a point of clarification I am looking for skills that will be in demand in a few years, meaning tons of calls from recruiters and higher than average rates, for example SharePoint today.  I get calls all the time for recruiters asking about SharePoint 2007. I realize there is a demand, but I have no interest working with it.  I am not looking for niche at all.  If my client asked me to work with VB6, I would simply find a new client.  There is such a demand for new skills, I'd rather stick with something new which is more fun for me.

For comparison, if I was making a web app, I'd probably go with some sort of HTML 5\MVC architecture.  I am looking for what the current equivalent for desktop apps is.
C#/ASP  are the hottest skills right now for main languages.
Javascript w/JQuery is the hottest scripting language.
SQL Server for databases

Offshore its Java & Oracle Databse

Why becuase offshore universities  are requiring  Java Architect Status before they graduate (I know this from my offshore co-workers that are recent graduates).  then they come over here and see that C# with GUI interface goes a lot faster and is easy to transition to becuase of syntax
jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.

Is there a successor to WPF?  I guess that is probably a better question.
currently No
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