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Setting up Android not using the latest versions.


I am trying to set up Android for developing an app, but have run into some problems. I had this up and running last year while working on the same app, but had to put things aside for a while. Now my PC is gone so I need to reinstall the same environment I had. Partly because I was used to it and partly because my PC is to old to run the latest versions of Android.

This is what I have done so far on a PC with a newly installed Win7.

1) Installed Java JDK 7.25

2) Installed eclipse Indigo v3.7.2. Extracted it to “C:\Dev\eclipse”

3) Installed Android SDK Tools revision 16 and choose “C:\Dev\Android” as its install path. I do not start the SDK Manager since I believe the documentation says not to.

4) Installed ADT v16.0.1. Installed normally from eclipse using Help - Install New Software. It is already downloaded and is installed using the Archive option. All "Developer Tools" that appears is selected and installed. Eclipse is restarted as requested.

5) I am now presented to a "Welcome to Android Development” window. I choose her to only install Android 2.1, not the latest version which are the two only options. Target Location is set to “C:\Dev\Android\android-sdk” who I believe is the correct path. I get a Warning "The directory is not empty". Not sure if this is OK, but I accept it.

6) I then get the options to install the following:
Android SDK Tools, revision 20. This will replace revision 16 with revision 20.
Android ADK Platform-tools, revision 12.
I say No to the first one because I don’t want to upgrade and Yes to the second because I do know I will have an error later saying I must install that one anyway. Installation is then finished without errors.

But this is where I have got stuck somehow because I am now unable to create an AVD or create a project because I have no targets to choose from. Also I have no targets to install using the SKD Manager.

Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?
Why am I not able to create an AVD from the target v2.1 that I did download and install.
Why am I not able to use the SKD Manager to download any other targets or reinstall v2.1?

Please don’t ask me to upgrade. I need the same as I had.
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1 Solution
when you got the "directory not empty" warning, you should have stopped there, emptied the directory, and the proceeded - not sure, just a suggestion, this happened to me once before, but i can't remember what i did to resolve the issue - good luck.
daghoffAuthor Commented:
I cant delete that directory because that is the base directory for the entire Android installation. I do suspect I have specified the wrong directory, but what should it be?
hmmm ... you have a wee problem.

maybe go to eclipse > windows > preferences > android to set the android sdk location (e.g: c:\program files\android\android-sdk).

also, perhaps these links might help:

good luck
daghoffAuthor Commented:
My preferenses are Ok and the SKD manager does not display any targets.

I solved the problem by copying in some targets I had on an older disk no longer used and it worked.

Perhaps I have an unstable installation, but it is OK for now.
daghoffAuthor Commented:
No real help was offered.

My quick and dirty solution solved the problem.
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