Winmail.dat problems!!!!

I am having trouble with Barracuda stripping the attachments and sending as winmail.dat from senders sending to me and i have tried all the steps and troubleshooting on this link.  and nothing has been resolved. I can go into Barracuda and see the message as delivered but it goes in my inbox as winmail.dat. I can click download in barracuda and see the attachments as .pdf and .xml, but they are not going to my inbox as attachments, just winmail.dat. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!
screen capture of barracuda email
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CityofWylieAuthor Commented:
Just tried that and waiting for a response if it worked. It's actually only happening to one person receiving the email in our organization. So out of 250 people only 1 it happens too. She keeps getting the winmail.dat instead of the pdf doc.
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