Network Latency High

Today my client complain one of the server backup performance slow ,last time was no problem and suddenly the issue occur,we implement the backup via network.I try to ping all the server the latency is 1 second but for that problematic server has high latency about 78~150 .May i know what is the cause this performance issue then what should i do ?
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bcrosby007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
steps to try
1. Switch network cards.
2. Change ports on Switch.
3. Turn off all *extra* services on the server. Then bring them back on one by one.
-Check the server to see if there are any process that are using up server resources and/or network bandwidth on it's nic card.
-Check the switch port and make sure speed/duplex is correct.
Mike RoeCommented:
make sure cables are good and all punch downs are good
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
try doing RDP to the problematic server and PING other hosts from the server, including its local servers, the default gateway, the internet gateway (if it is not the default gateway) and some other hosts on the internet, by name and IP numbers.

this will let you know if the the problem is at network layer or DNS related, and if the problem is only related to specific networks.
YaYangTeahAuthor Commented:
If DNS problem how can we resolve ?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
if you are sure it was a DNS issue, then the following approaches can be considered.

1. change to a reliable local DNS server.
2. build your own local DNS server.
3. if possible, use static IP address instead of domain name on the key servers.
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