Performance Issue In Caching Large Amounts of Data

I have a .NET application that will need to make quite a few calls the database based upon users interaction.

I'm quite concerned with the number of times the database will be hit with user interactions, so I have decided to cache the data stored in the database (around 3500 records) into .NET cache. So I am querying my data though a generic list using LINQ within the application.

What I have noticed is that when the cache expires, the website takes a long time to load whilst the cache is populated with data.

Is there a better and more efficient way to cache large amounts of data whilst minimising calls to the database?
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
Do you really need to cache the 3500 records? If the users consult them one at a time, keeping them all in memory is overkill. Hitting the database each time a user needs a record might be better.

Or balance the thing as Amazon does. From what I learned about their system, it seems that they keep in cache only the items that are hot sellers and that they know will be requested repetitively during a given period of time. For any other item, they retrieve it from the database each time it is requested.

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