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When starting up Windows 95, it is possible to make a modification so that a menu appears at Boot Up, asking whether I would like to load Windows 95 or MS-DOS/Command Prompt? I hate having to quickly press F8 to access the menu on boot up, and want to know if there is a way to do this automatically.

According to research, this can be achieved in Windows 98 by clicking Start, Run, typing MSCONFIG and selecting Enable Start Up Menu. However, this does not seem to work in Windows 95.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
I don't thank Windows 95 can do dual boot.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

If this is for a production environment for some legacy software then I would consider converting the machines to Virtual machines and then running them on VMware workstation/player or something.

Make sure you have a backup first.
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
I believe with that O/S it requires you to load a boot disk with the boot menu config on it to get those options. After booting to the disk you would select your options from the menu. If you chose Windows, it would load win.exe from the HDD and launch windows normally. Otherwise selecting DOS would boot into a DOS prompt from DOS on the boot disk, unless you had DOS installed on your HDD - in that case you would point the menu to the DOS on your laptop rather than on the floppy.
Mike RoeCommented:
Go to this website and it will show you some steps about dual boot with 95 as long as dos was installed previous
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Pradeep DubeyConsultantCommented:
here you go :

To configure a dual-boot feature as part of your system under Windows 95, the following steps should be followed:

When the message "Starting Windows 95" appears, press the F8 key
You will be presented with a menu. Select "Command Prompt only"
From the Command Prompt you must first make the required file readable; type: attrib MSDOS.SYS -r -s -h
Edit the MSDOS.SYS file using an ASCII text editor and either change the following lines under the section [OPTIONS], or if any are not present, add them:


BootMenuDelay=10 (10 = 10 seconds)

BootMenuDefault=7 (7 = Previous version of DOS)

(1 = Standard Windows 95)

Save the changes and exit back to the Command Prompt
Re-boot the computer
The option "BootMenuDefault=n" stipulates the default setting during the system booting sequence. This number can be altered depending on the user's start up preference. For example if the user wishes to use Hal5 with DOS based applications, this could be set to the option DOS prompt, usually number 7.

Once the computer is configured appropriately:

Pick option 1 from the menu and load Windows 95
Then go to the start button and select Shut Down for Windows 95.
Select the option Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode.
From the Command Prompt (C: Prompt) now make the MSDOS.SYS file unreadable to protect it in the future. Type:
attrib MSDOS.SYS +r +s +h

Restart the computer.

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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Not having done this in a long time I do remember that Win95 is a program that runs on a DOS machine.  The commands for a boot up menu therefore are in the config.sys and autoexec.bat file.
richardgrayukAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the links.

I have made alterations and the boot up menu now appears automatically. However, there is a problem, when I select Option 7 it says: Now loading your previous version of MS-DOS - and then it goes on to load WIndows 95, and does so every time I select option 7.

I think I need to add at this point that I have already booted up to my previous version of MS-DOS 6.22, and on my initial attempt the boot was successful. However, the system would hang when rebooting and I was required to enter the Windows 95 boot disk and type sys c: and then reboot in order to get back to Windows 95.

is there anyway I can get the machine to boot back to MS-DOS 6.22 when selecting Option 7?

Thanks very much.
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