How do you keep a date formatted as a date when using the concatenate function in excel

I am using the concatenate function in excel with one of the columns being a date in the month/day/year format.  When it is concatenated it always shows up as  hexadecimal number.   Is there a way to keep the date format?
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try converting date cells to text, to avoid getting unwanted output results.
dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
If A2 is some code, B2 is a date, and you want to concatenate in C2, you would enter the following in C2:

=A2 & " " & TEXT(B2, "mm/dd/yyyy")

You can play with the TEXT format codes, if you want something different.

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Harry LeeCommented:
I would say dsacker's solution is the best. It does not involve any function in the formula.

His solution =A2 & " " & TEXT(B2, "mm/dd/yyyy")

Is pretty much the same as =CONCATENATE(A2," ",TEXT(B2,"mm/dd/yyyy"))

But runs a micro little bit faster.

It's ironic that Microsoft bother putting the Concatenate function in Excel since the "&" can pretty much do the same thing slightly faster.
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