MS Access Subform does not appear correctly


I have a form, which has a subform in the Form Footer (The Master Form is a Continuous form).

My problem lies in that when i look at my form in Form View, the subform is there but you don't see the actual form used in the subform. Meaning, I see the border of the SubForm but the subform itself stays the backcolor of the Master form and does not properly show the subform.

Visible property is set to yes. I linked the Master and Child fields.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance
Brandon GarnettAsked:
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mbizupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is the recordsource of your form?

The fields in your recordsource *should* show up in the control source drop down if the recordsource is valid.

Not sure of the table or field names, but try writing your recordsource property like this:

SELECT ID, [Note] AS strNote FROM YourTable

and use strNote as the control source for your notes textbox. (Note the square brackets arount Note in the SQL).
It sounds like you have no subform data corresponding to the current record in the main form.

Have you linked the correct field(s) between the master and child forms?
Brandon GarnettAuthor Commented:
The Master Form is for Notes that users have already made. This form shows notes so they can edit them if they want. The Notes Field is called NewNotes.

Well I also have a field called Note which is where old notes are kept which is what i am trying to show the user. I try to show them using this SubForm

Every note has a person or Contact that is associated to it. I linked the Master Form and Child Form on the ContactID (Unique ID for each Contact)
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Can you post a sample copy of your database illustrating this?  Mask or remove any sensitive data first.
Brandon GarnettAuthor Commented:
It appears your first statement was correct
It sounds like you have no subform data corresponding to the current record in the main form.

When i switched to a contact who i knew had data in the Note Field, the Subform Displayed however it didn't show the actual data.

The Subform is just a large Textbox and nothing else. The textbox should have been populated but was empty.

Any Ideas
Verify that the Control Source property of the textbox is pointing to the right field.

Check if you need to scroll to see the data ...

Can you post a sample copy of your database?
Brandon GarnettAuthor Commented:
I would prefer to not post a sample copy of my database Sorry.

I checked the Control source of the Textbox as u suggested. I noticed that on the textbox itself, it showed the error saying Invalid Control Source.

The Control Source was set to and it should be "Note". I am Selecting "Note" in the record Source of the Form but when i hit the drop down for the ControlSource, there are no choices to choose from even though I have 3 fields i select in the record source.

Any Ideas as to why i am unable to have the choices listed in the Control Source drop down?
Brandon GarnettAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. When i was copying/Pasting my RecordSource to post for you, I noticed an extra "l" just sitting in my where clause making the statement wrong which is why i did not see any choices for the Control Source.

However, now that the recordsource and Control source are both correct again, My subform appears as it had been. See Picture Form with Subform problem

I know the Contact I am using has data in the Note Field as I can see the Record in my SQL Server window
Brandon GarnettAuthor Commented:
I found my problem.

I had the Detail section of the SubForm Visible = No. Soon as i made it Yes, everything showed as it should.

Thank you for your help. I will award you with points for your time and efforts.

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