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refresh/reload an page from another page using c#

I have a main page that opens a pop up aspx page for searching.  

When the user searches they end up clicking on a row in a grid to select that record.

This fires a row command argument in the popup and from there jumps into a c# utility class which creates a javascript to handle closing the popup and passing back the searched for ID to the calling page.  See attached screens.

User generated image
Search Popup
User generated image
This is the rowcommand event after clicking select.
User generated image
Utility class used by several pages to handle pop up searches.  So its a method in there to handle closing the popup and sending back the id to the calling main page.
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Ok so after the popup window closes the ID ends up in the textbox on the main page.  
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What Ive done to this point is save off the ID in session so I can requery the page and load the appropriate record they wanted.  Trouble is Im not sure how to refresh the main page either
a.) via client script when the ID is copied to the textbox using jquery or javascript.
b.) Refreshing the main page from the popup page after the ID value is copied into the text box.  

I cant change the utility class javascript builder because its being used by several other pages.  

I just need to re-fire the submit or page load from the calling page after the Id value is searched on.  I have the right logic in the main page page_load to check for the ID in session and reload the searched for record.
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