SATA vs SAS for new server

My question is about a new server and whether or not it is going to matter much if I use two SATA 3.5'' hard drives to host the OS or if I should use SAS?

The OS will sit on two 3.5'' drives using RAID 1. Then actual data will not reside on the same drives, there is a disk array which is connected via a controller card. The disk array uses all SAS drives and RAID5.

So again my question/concern is can I save some money and buy SATA HDD's for a RAID 1 setup that will host only the OS without sacrificing performance at all?

My understanding is that performance won't be affected if SATA drives are used because the actual data being shared is all on SAS drives on a disk array.

Please educate me.
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I would. Just keep extra SATA as a cold spare, they tend to fail more than SAS drives.

The risk is minimal (unless this is an extremely critical business unit and you cannot risk any downtime). Even if they both fail (some likelihood) you can rebuild the OS easily and not worry about data loss (you should still backup the RAID 5 data).

I save some money and buy SATA HDD's for a RAID 1 setup that will host only the OS without sacrificing performance at all?

Not true. You will get some performance loss. 7200 rpm SATA drives will not work as fast as 10000 or 15000 rpm SAS drives, but this loss will be minimal since the OS will not do too much work (if you had them side by side you will probably notice faster start up times on the SAS).

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ryanmavesAuthor Commented:
Thank you, this is exactly the answers I was looking for here. Definitely don't want to sacrifice performance at all, so I'm going to go all SAS drives even for the OS.
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