Bottom case replacement for Hp Pavilion DV7-4177NR Notebook


I am having trouble finding the bottom case for my Pavilion 17" Notebook DV7-4177nr

I have gone to hp parts surfer, used my product number ( XH121UA ) but cant find nothing on cases?

Could it be possible that Hp does not sell this part? Am I stuck having to purchase a new notebook ?

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Try calling around some of the local computer repair shops that service laptops or sell used laptops.  They may have a very old or dead system that they would be happy to sell the case off or (or possibly even give you).

Depending on damage, you may also be able to repair the case bottom with Bondo fiberglass repair from the automotive section.
I would suggest eBay.  I searched under your model number DV7-4177nr and found some used parts.  It is likely that those were removed from failed laptops.  I would message the vendors and see if they have a bottom case.

It is likely that there is one on eBay that would work, though it may come from a different model number of your laptop.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Do you just need the lower part of the base?

It will depend on your configuration

Base enclosure for DV7 Series
(includes rubber feet)

For use only with computer models equipped with an Intel Core2 Quad processor
P/N 516298-001

For use only in defeatured computer models equipped with an Intel Core2 Duo processor
P/N 516297-001

For use only in full-featured computer models equipped with an Intel Core2 Duo processor
P/N 535086-001

See the Parts Catalogue for your laptop (Starts at Page 25 of its Service Manual)

Be warned - plastics kits are always sold at inflated prices - it's always worth trying to get a bargain with the seller - unless they have had them on the shelf since new they will be harvested from dead machines.  With bases always check if they include the panels and screws.
tobe1424Author Commented:
thx for the input.

There seems to be many different versions of DV7 Series. Particularly mine, is a beats audio edition. I ordered a dv7-6000 bottom case on eBay to find out it does not fit.

I was told I need the exact case for a dv7-4177nr. It would be nice to know the correct part number this way i can source the case. I've also tried to find a harvested case. but no luck :\

I find it hard to believe that I may have to keep digging to find a case or buy the laptop all over :\

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The Beats Audio makes a lot of difference - thanks for the detail
You'll need the plastics set with the base enclosure.
Your part number is 615443-001

If you want to fine-tune PartSurfer you can use your Serial# here

It's about $42 + Taxes & Shipping in the US from HP brand new, you can also buy generic OEM versions or refurbs but you need to be sure they'll fit the Beats sub-woofer which isn't standard.

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