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Error with Cursor and Into list must match.

I'm trying to build a cursor out and I'm getting an error on my into statement. I don't get why because I'm calling 4 columns and trying to place 4 columns? What am I missing?

Cursorfetch: The number of variables declared in the INTO list must match that of selected columns.

	   Declare c Cursor For Select equModelNum equipTypeId, manfId, equLink From tblEquipment
       Open c
       Declare @equModelNum nvarchar(100)
	   Declare @equipTypeId int
	   Declare @manfId int
	   Declare @equLink nvarchar(150)
	   Fetch next From c into @equModelNum, @equipTypeId, @manfId, @equLink
	   While @@Fetch_Status=0 Begin
          if @equModelNum <> '0'
                 Declare @equipTypeIdName nvarchar(50)
                 Declare @manfIdName nvarchar(50)
				 Declare @NewequipTypeId int
                 Declare @NewmanfId int
                 Set @equipTypeIdName = (Select Equipment_Type from tblEquipmentType where equipTypeID = @equipTypeId)
                 Set @manfIdName = (Select Manufacture_Name from tblManufacturer where manfId=@manfId)
				 print @equModelNum
				 print @equipTypeId
				 print @manfId
				 print @equLink
				 Print @equipTypeIdName
				 print @manfIdName
          Fetch next From c into @equModelNum, @equipTypeId, @manfId, @equLink
       Close c
       Deallocate c

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Microsoft SQL Server

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Jim Horn

In the below line there is a comma missing between equModelNum and equipTypeId.
 Declare c Cursor For Select equModelNum equipTypeId, manfId, equLink From tblEquipment

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Did you miss the first post  ?
Jim Horn


Normal EE protocol is that if two answers are very identical, either the first one gets all the points, or points are split between them.

I'll take the liberty of re-opening this question so you can re-award points.

Thanks in advance.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

When I was awarding points I accidentally selected Jimhorn when I thought I was selecting yours. When I said accept answer, yours was the only response to the question. I don't see a way to correct this? Is there a way? I'd like to award you points????