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Moving SQL 2008 R2 to 2012 on same server for SCCM 2012

As the title states I need to move my existing database from SQL 2008 R2 to SQL 2012 due to a licensing issue. The database is running SCCM 2012 SP1. What happened is that I installed the standard trial version of 2008 R2 with 180 day expiration, but as it turned out I should have installed the enterprise version. I'm flat out not able to purchase a serial number to upgrade the trial to full version to due the Microsoft agreement with my institution.

Very straight forward setup. One server with SCCM 2012 (SP1) currently using SQL 2008 R2 for the backend on the same server. I need to uninstall SQL 2008 R2 and do a clean install of SQL 2012. I absolutely do not want to start over with my SCCM 2012 installation as everything is working as it should. I need to migrate over the existing database to a new install of 2012.

What would be the recommended course of action be?

I've never done much with SQL, but I would think it would be reasonable to assume I would export the existing database, note all of the users accounts the SCCM uses, import the database to server SQL 2012 server and make sure all the user accounts are the same. Anything you think SCCM with give me problems with doing this?
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You can take a full backup of your databases and go with an in place database upgrade.
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So while trying to do a in place upgrade from 2008 R2 to 2012 I got the following error:

Checks whether the specified feature meets SQL Server 2012 upgrade requirements.

The specified edition upgrade is not supported. For information about supported upgrade paths, see the SQL Server 2012 version and edition upgrade in Books Online.

The instance of SQL i'm trying to update is 10.52.4000 running as an evaluation. For whatever reason I have also SQL 2012 Express instance ADK still installed as well. Not really sure what 2012 Express is doing there, and I can't seem to uninstall it.

Any idea what is going to prevent the upgrade? Perhaps going from 2008R2 Evaluation to 2012 SP1 Enterprise isn't allowed?

Any ideas what is going on?