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microsoft word mail merge multiple pages wont print

i have a word template that i use to mail merge. if i print to pdf its fine and single pages are ok too.  i cant get it too print multiple pages, i see the que but there's 0 docs in it.  I already tried the following without any luck

- recreate template from scratch
- print sections vs pages

only printing to pdf seems fine, any ideas?
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What destination are you choosing when you 'Finish and Merge'?

Do you choose 'Edit individual documents' and try to print the document so produced? If not, what are you doing?
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yes thats exactly what i am doing...should i do anything else?
Jut trying to get a picture.

So you are choosing ''Edit individual documents' . This should produce another document that has all the outputs, separated by Section breaks. Is this the document that you are having trouble in trying to print?
yes.. even though i specify the sections to include
So. You have multi-page document that has been produced from a mail merge, and you cannot print particular page(s) from it. Is that correct?

If so, perhaps you should tell us exactly what you are entering into the 'Page range' section of the Print dialogue.

If this doesn't describe your situation, can you give guide us to where your problem actually lies, please?
yes but printing to pdf documents works fine and that is very strange to me.  also, selecting current page is fine for a single print out.

tried the following options in print dialoge page range.

p90-p98 (even though its not correct)

nothing gets printed for whatever reason.  i know my sections are right so dont need to double check..
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