Debug Application that Shares Authentication with Another

I have 2 applications that share authentication via forms auth.  I need to debug the second one (the one that the user is forwarded to after they are authorized in the first).  I have tried everything from starting debugging just on the second one to starting it on both to starting it only on the first.  Can't seem to get it to work.  I'd be more than willing to include code that only is run when the debugger starts (like something that runs in the second application and sets up the authorization ticket).

Any ideas?
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Check the following:
- Do they both belong to the same Solution ?
- Does the 2nd one has a reference to the 1st one (in the project dependencies)?
cat4larryAuthor Commented:
No, but I know what the problem is.  I have to turn debugging on in both.  Then I need to create a debugger only variable that I use as the forwarding URL.  that URL will be the URL of the local dev server instance that gets created when you initiate debugging.

Make sense?
I never thought debugging was not ON, as you said
I need to debug the second one ...  I have tried everything from starting debugging just on the second one to starting it on both to starting it only on the first.

and Yes, it makes sense.

Good luck!

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cat4larryAuthor Commented:
@Argenti confirmed my suspicions.
Thank you for the points. However, you've kind of figured out the solution yourself.
cat4larryAuthor Commented:
Yea, but we pay for our subscription. And it's easier to close out a question by just accepting a solution.  Thanks for the feedback though (i.e. the confirmation that I need to forward the URL into the debugger instance)
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