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TrueCrypt CD Burning Requirement

We just had a client ask to encrypt a number of laptops with TrueCrypt.  On about half of them give the option to skip burning the ISO to CD, the other half force us to burn one.  We are doing them all the same with the same (newest) download.  I would prefer to have the choice, how can we make it so that option comes up every time?


P.S. - we've tried the /n option, it doesn't make any difference.
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I saw this forum which they also wanted to avoid if possible and the fact is the ISO software and usb drive or network connectivity seems to have some  affect..not sure if that helps...
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No, I saw that.  I need to figure out why sometimes it gives you the option to skip burning the CD and sometimes it doesn't.
I was thinking if there are commonality amonf those which skip and those that doesn't such as cd driver or burning software they have or even the sort of  dvd or cddrive use. To the software it should be the default unless certain condition is not met...that is sometimes not easy find out unless looking at the code of truecrypt. Maybe clone the os of same image and retry installation on the two least we know sw level is same amd different is bios or hw. I was even thinking of sysprep prior to activating installation...pardon for overly open on this matter
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