Outlook 2010 - Occasional "Not Responding"

Hello All,

Having some Outlook issues again with a user.. and I am stumped, though I know it probably has to do with the database size? (my guess)

Setup :

Exchange 2007
User - Outlook 2010

Issue :

When user closes out of Outlook and restarts, it hangs and goes to "not responing" for at least 5 minutes.  Once started, it works fiine for the most part.. but then occasionally a new email would come through, and Outlook would hang again with "not responding".

-Local OST is 48GB.  
-User has mounted (2) additional mailbox to Outlook Profile

When I click on Send and Receive, it goes through the first process "sending..." but the second process it just hangs..

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Note : This a new Desktop setup with SSD about a month ago.
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Md. MojahidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start Outlook by using the /CleanAutoCompleteCache switch.
AdrienneSperberTech Support CoordinatorCommented:
Start it in safe mode, if it works fine, try disabling add-ons
Coupee46Author Commented:

Thank you.  I will give that a try! Any other suggestions.. :)
Coupee46Author Commented:
Haven't had chance to test, but best answer..
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