Website blocked on wired lan but not on wireless lan?

I work at a facility that has a wired network as well as a wireless and as of right now we are using our primary (wired) netgear router to block certain websites.  Everyone that is physically plugged into the network with an ethernet cable, the website are blocked on their computers, but they are not blocked via the wifi connected devices.  Anyone know why this is like this?  I'd like the sites to be blocked on both wifi and wired networks.  Is it possible that there is a wireless router somewhere on the network that I don't know about?  I know there are apple airport ap devices scattered around the building.  How do these connect to the internet? Clarification on this would be wonderful.
Brent JohnsonAsked:
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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
1. Are both (wired / wireless) using the same router?
2. How is the website blocked? Via IP or via a block list / DNS?
3. Is the wireless configured as access point / bridge so all clients are in the same subnet?
4. If not, check the block rules for the subnet.
5. Can you verify that all WLAN clients have the correct DHCP settings (and therefore the correct DHCP server)?

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Brent JohnsonAuthor Commented:
I thought the wireless and wired were on the same router, but now I'm not sure.  How do I find out?

The website is blocked via a block list within the settings of the router's web interface page.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Easy, open a command prompt on a wireless client,

Open in new window

verify the settings for gateway and the subnet of the wireless interface - they should mach your wired settings. If not, they might just use another router and circumvent your block list...
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