Access 2013 Query seems to cache first run/wont update

I have created a query in access that provided results of 5 fields. There are also 2 parameters set on the date field to choose a date range, Between [Start Date] and [End Date].

When I run the query for the first time it works and provides the result set based on the date range.

If I then add records to the database and they are committed. Then run the same query with a date range based on the new records no results are returned.

If I delete the query and rebuild it the same way and run it, the results I entered from the update appear.

I have no filter on the query other than the parameters.

It seems as if the query is caching the results from that first run and I don't know why. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why this might happen?

Below you will find the sql code from access for the query.
PARAMETERS [Start Date] DateTime, [End Date] DateTime;
SELECT dbo_NonConfData.CaseDate, dbo_NonConfData.Id, dbo_NonConfCreator.CreatorName, dbo_DefectCategory.DefectCatType, dbo_Vendor.Name, dbo_NonConfData.OrderNum
FROM ((dbo_NonConfData INNER JOIN dbo_NonConfCreator ON dbo_NonConfData.Creator = dbo_NonConfCreator.ID) INNER JOIN dbo_Vendor ON dbo_NonConfData.ProducedBy = dbo_Vendor.ID) INNER JOIN dbo_DefectCategory ON dbo_NonConfData.DefectCategory = dbo_DefectCategory.ID
WHERE (((dbo_NonConfData.CaseDate) Between [Start Date] And [End Date]))
ORDER BY dbo_NonConfData.CaseDate;

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<If I then add records to the database and they are committed.>
How, exactly, are you doing this?

In other words, post the entire code you are using to do this...

Does it work if you take out the parameters at the start of the SQL? (and just rely in the Parameters in the WHERE clause)
kwoznica732Author Commented:
I ended up just deleting  my queries and reports and rebuilding them. After doing that it seems to be fixed. Im not really sure why it happened but the problem has not returned. Thanks for your input though.

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kwoznica732Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for kwoznica732's comment #a39487723
Assisted answer: 500 points for boag2000's comment #a39468800

for the following reason:

I didn't attempt to remove the parameters or strip the query down any further. After deleting my queries and reports then recreating them the issue went away. Im not really sure why but I'm happy to move on from the issue.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Not really an objection here, ...just letting you know that you are not obligated to award any points for solutions that do not lead to a solution...

If you find your own solution, then post it.  At that point, you can accept your own post as the solution.


kwoznica732Author Commented:
Rebuilding the object fixed the issue.
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