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Cannot connect to Exchange OWA over Cisco Site to Site VPN


I am unable to access Exchange OWA from a remote office connected to main office via a Cisco site to site VPN.
Exchange 2013 sever is located at main office on a /24 subnet.
Remote office is on a /24 subnet.
Cisco 860 router each end with IPSEC VPN.
Each office has own AD domain, DNS secondary zones for the alternate office are configured at each other office.
I can successfully ping the FQDN of the Exchange server from the remote office and it resolves to the Exchange server's local IP address on the /24 subnet.
I can connect from the remote office to other devices located at the main office via TLS/SSL no problem.
OWA is working fine from main office connecting locally and every where else via Internet.
When I try to open OWA at the remote office I just get a Page cannot be displayed error.
What should I be looking at to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance...
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From the command prompt run the following.  Replace OWA with the email server name.  The trace will stop at the problem network device.

tracert OWA
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The trace completes successfully to the Exchange server from the remote site

Let me know first, thats exactly error that you are gettign while accessing OWA from remote site .

Thank You!
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I just get the standard "This page can't be displayed" in Internet Explorer 10
I can connect from the remote site to web interfaces of other devices at the main site using https no problem.
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I think you need to add a NAT exception to the outside interface of the ASA so that it doesn't NAT the exchange server when sending traffic to the remote site through the outside interface.
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I've just rechecked the config of the router and it does look to me that a NAT exemption is in place for the /24 subnet when the destination is the /24 subnet

These are a pair of 800 series routes that were given a basic config with Cisco Configuration Professional
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