DHCP Reservation on Cisco 4402 WLC

I would like to set a DHCP reservation on a Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller. I have everything setup on the 'Internal DHCP Server' and it works great but just can't find where a DHCP reservation can be set if at all? Thank you.
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Go to through the link you can see internal DHCP scope and DHCP pool(There you can make reservation in pool range )

Craig BeckCommented:
Nope, sorry I have to disagree - Sanjayrajt is incorrect.

You can't reserve IP addresses in the WLC DHCP server in any version of WLC code.

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MCSFAuthor Commented:
That's a good point. I am running firmware version We can't run newer firmware due to the fact we still use Cisco AP1010's which can't support anything newer.

I see where you talking about Sanjayrajt and I have all of that configured and working. I have to agree with Craigbeck unless I am missing something. Where exactly is the DHCP reservation you're talking about?

I have combed the options again and still can't find it. I looked over what you sent and that's only to configure DHCP and NOT a reservation. Unless I am still missing it? My hope is someone can confirm yes or no on the version of firmware we are running.
Craig BeckCommented:
As I said, you can't create a DHCP reservation in ANY version of WLC code.
MCSFAuthor Commented:
Thanks Craig as I said I looked again (on both the controller and the manual) and couldn't find anything either. That's the answer I was really looking for. Thanks again and have a good day!
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