PowerPoint link to open windowless webpage with Javascript

I have a PowerPoint presentation that contains a link to open a webpage. I would like the webpage that pops open to not have a menu bar, scrollbar, status bar, etc. I cannot add the code to the link since PowerPoint will not allow the javascript. I need the code to be on the page that pops up. I have been looking at onload scripts but none of them creates a chromeless window (without the menu bar, scrollbar, status bar, etc).
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RobConnect With a Mentor Owner (Aidellio)Commented:
You could link to a page and pass it the page you want to open in the querystring:

so in powerpoint your link might be something like:


then your html file:
the getParameterByName() function gets access to the querystring and specifically the 'url'. Then in the window.onload function you open the window
<!doctype html>
<meta name="generator" content="textpad 4.6">
<meta name="author" content="?">
<meta name="keywords" content="?">
<meta name="description" content="?">
function getParameterByName(name) {
    name = name.replace(/[\[]/, "\\\[").replace(/[\]]/, "\\\]");
    var regex = new RegExp("[\\?&]" + name + "=([^&#]*)"),
        results = regex.exec(location.search);
    return results == null ? "" : decodeURIComponent(results[1].replace(/\+/g, " "));
window.onload = function() {
   window.open('http://' + getParameterByName('url'),'_blank','menubar=no,titlebar=no');

<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" link="#ff0000" vlink="#800000" alink="#ff00ff" background="?">


Open in new window

You can't do that.  It would require the page to override user browser settings and that would be a security hole.

jj1103Author Commented:
This helped me get to the right solution.
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