Forcing a Date/TIme into an Access Make Table Query


I have a query that I am executing in Access that is making another table. In this table are 2 placeholder columns that would later have a date time value added to them. right now when I run the query, I have an alias name for each column:


When running it that way, the make table treats the columns as numbers. I tried formatting the columns in the properties window for each of the columns and I get the same result. Leaving the formatting for  the columns, I also tried:

Column1:Format(#1/1/2010#,"Short Date")
Column2:Format('12:00 AM',"Medium Time")

The formatting does not carry over to the make table and is given a TEXT data type.

What can be done to get this to work? Thanks in advance.
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Dale FyeCommented:
Generally, when I want to create a table that I can write data to, I will do something like:

SELECT cint(1) as ColInt, cdbl(1.0) as ColDouble, 1 as ColLong, #1/1/12# as ColDate
INTO tbl_MakeTable

I will execute that query to build the table and give the columns the correct data type.
Then I will run a DELETE query to delete that record from the table.

DELETE FROM tbl_MakeTable

The only conversion function I've tried this with that did not create the column with the data type I wanted was cBool()

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These will create DateTime fields with the value 12:00:00 AM
Column1:#12:00 AM#
Column2:#12:00 AM#
DB-ahaAuthor Commented:
These will create DateTime fields with the value 12:00:00 AM
Column1:#12:00 AM#
Column2:#12:00 AM#

This solution worked MOSTLY, however I need to display  medium time which is 12:00 AM, doing it this way, some reason a set of 0's are added for seconds. I type in:

Alias:#12:00 AM# and when I leave the column, the second set of 0's are added and this is seen:

12:00:00 AM

How can I just get medium time as intended?
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Dale FyeCommented:
You will need to set the display format in your query or form that displays the data from this table.

Or you could use syntax similar to the following:

currentdb.TableDefs("yourTableName").Fields("Column1").Properties("Format") = "Medium Date"
DB-ahaAuthor Commented:
Fyed, I am having trouble understanding your responses. Your code doesn't look like SQL I can use in Access. Also I was looking for medium time in the remaining column, not medium date. Where do you place the code you are giving as examples?
Dale FyeCommented:
that code would not be SQL.  I don't believe that you are going to be able to use SQL to format that field.  My original SQL, and the recommendation by IrogSinta will create a date/time field in an Access table.

To get it to display  as medium time, you will need to issue a vba command that changes the format to Medium Time:

currentdb.TableDefs("tbl_Numbers").Fields("DateField").Properties("format") = "Medium time"

Back to absolute Access basics -- you really don't want two columns, one for date and one for time.
Access ALWAYS stores a date/time together, so your one column will be filled with (yesterday and today)
05-Sep-2013 12:00:00 AM
06-Sep-2013 12:00:00 AM
and the other (1 AM and 1 PM) with
30-Dec-1899 01:00:00 AM
30-Dec-1899 01:00:00 PM

Access store dates as a special type of Double.
The integer part marks days fro 30-Dec-1899, while the decimal --which is always positive -- marks the time 0.00000000 being midnight and 0.99999999~ being 11:59 and change.

You can get a field to be FORMATTED any way you want -- but it doesn't change what is stored there!

This SQL will get you a table.
But as @fyed stated, you have to kill the row afterward
SELECT format(#30/12/1899#,"Short date") as TheDate, format(#30/12/1899#,"short time") as TheTime INTO tblTimes;

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