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I have been tasked with creating send and receive connectors for two different forests that do not currently have a trust. This is for an exchange 2010 organization (both of them. I have googled many sites and while they provide good information on creating the connectors  and recievers ex: This is an excellent article and I use internet then specify the domain and then I would like to use DNS MX records.

The big issue is in which I am confused about is this.You have  a company for example called contoso and another company called Microsoft. My question is how do you point and create a MX record to see Microsoft while you are in contoso forest and how do you create a contoso mx record while in microsoft forests. As far as I know this is a 3 three step process

1) create send connector
2) create receive connector
3) configure MX records
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If you want to just send email directly between the two sites, over a private connection, just create a Send Connector on each server, set it to use a smart host and enter the IP address of the remote server. In the name space section, add in the remote domain.

Should be nothing to do with the receive connetors unless there are restrictions on them for some reason, when you will need to adjust to allow the connection.

No need for MX records in that scenario.

Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

MX records are made in the public DNS to query where the mail servers for Contoso and M$ live and i am sure they are configured correctly (else you wont recieve any mail)

Pretty sure this is not the reason for you post here, what exactly are you trying to achieve?
techdriveAuthor Commented:
Thanks simon works like a champ.
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