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Our multi-office company used Microsoft Messenger for internal communication; however, since the forced upgrade to Skype, we have had many complaints about the groups feature and overall functionality. So, we're currently looking for a better communication (chat) system to use of our office (paid or free); so, any suggestions?  We're a pure Microsoft environment: XP, Win 7, AD, Exchange 2003, ect.

Thank you!
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andgreenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I recommend for internal communication Softros IM

Quite simple tool, it doesn't require an internet connection, can be used with terrminal service, has administrative settings. hope it helps.
RBP45Connect With a Mentor Commented:

One of the softwares I've used for some years when I operated on Windows is "Miranda Instant Messenger". It worked pretty well the whole time. Another Alternative would be to utilize the Yahoo messenger. But if you are trying to cut edges, there are some pretty good softwares such as "Pidgin."

Hope this information helped.
vrosas_03Author Commented:
Thanks, all good recommendations. I'll have to sit down and try them out.
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