Deploy Mobile Ipad Cart

Hello and thank you for your attention to my question. Your time and expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

I need to deploy an Ipad cart w/ 20 mini ipads. 
 From my understanding there are special app/tools to manage all the ipads at once. My understanding on this is a bit limited (hence this question). From what i'm told, I connect all the ipad to one computer installed w/ itunes. I register all the ipads to a single iTunes account. Then used these management tools, I should be able to push out apps and configuration to all the units at once.

If someone could please shed some light on this form me, that would be great.

Thank you..

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CMITStamfordConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I believe i found my answer.. Apple configurator for IPAD.,d.dmg

However this is for the old version. I sure the new version is not too much different.

Is there anything else i should keep in mind during this roll out?
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