Google Charts help required, for Demand & Supply chart with extra vertical line

Google charts API help required.

Example link : Click here to see an Example of Chart

Actually, I want to create a demand & supply chart (with Google Charts API) this will be a simple Area chart with to area lines (one for demand & other for supply), but also I want to show a third line (not area only line) see the above link for example.

Any ideas how could I draw such Chart, I could only manage to draw without the Center line part.

This is the example of Chart
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TUS11Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Thanks for help. But I have got the solution. Plz. check:

Rainer JeschorCommented:
the type of chart in Google Charts would be a scatter chart, setting the lineWidth and pointSize properties accordingly (using and adding ", lineWidth: 2, pointSize: 0," after the height property).
The issue is that as far as I know there is no chance to combine an area chart with a scatter chart with Google visualization.

TUS11Author Commented:
You can do that using a ComboChart. The trick is in creating the middle line - normally, you draw lines horizontally, using (x, y) coordinate pairs; to draw vertically, invert the pairs to (y, x), but you must keep them ordered by the x-value (otherwise the line will become messed up).
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