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Pass through qry - Part 2

Hi Experts

Firstly thanks to all the excellent feedback given so far...

I am open a second part to a pervious question: Which expert Jim has given invaluble feedback on


See reply back ID:39467816 (the question i accepted with points)

Based on the experts feed back i am stuck on the following;

Rather then saying if it has a connect string, then replace it, you need to be a bit more selective.

 Use InStr() to search the connect string, say a server name.  

  Once you know this is a string you want to change, you have two choices: (point 2 look wasy option?)

1. Rebuild the string from scratch

2. Replace each of the parts (like the server name) using InStr(), Left(), Mid(), etc.

Code I have so far:-

Option Compare Database

Public Function GetQueryLinks()
On Error GoTo Err_GetQueryLinks

    Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
    Dim strConn As String
      strConn = "ODBC;Driver=(Apple_Oranges);UID=MyUID;PWD=MyPass;SERVER=TheServer;"
    For Each qdf In CurrentDb.QueryDefs
        If qdf.Connect <> "" Then

            qdf.Connect = strConn
            Debug.Print qdf.Connect

        End If

        'Refresh QueryDef
    Set qdf = Nothing
    Exit Function

    MsgBox Err.Number & " (" & Err.Description & ") in procedure GetQueryLinks of Module basTableLinks"
    Resume Exit_GetQueryLinks

End Function

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I have tried to amend line 9:


strConn = "ODBC;Driver=(Apple_Oranges);UID=MyUID;PWD=MyPass;SERVER=

strConn = "ODBC;Driver=(Apple_Oranges);UID=MyUID;PWD=MyPass;SERVER=TheServer;"

And no luck
I am guessing my problem lie with the fact i need to tell it - it;s a new connection etc....
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It should probably read:

strConn = "ODBC;Driver=(Apple_Oranges);UID=MyUID;PWD=MyPass;SERVER=

Two EE tips route217

You are better off editing your question rather that creating a new post for an afterthought.
Questions with 0 replies draw greater attention, and eventually the admins will intervene.

To draw the attention of the experts who helped you with Pt1, simply post a comment and link to that question, mentioning that there is a follow up question (they will receive an email).
Hi Expert

Point taken....from Eirman....

Thanks for the heads up...and apologies for any inconvience
Hi /gustav

I am still getting connection to ODBC failed error message.
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Gustav Brock
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still get the same error message...

just a quick point do we not need to tell it that it's a new connect? do we need to use ado....
not sure what to do /gustav.....
You can try with the IP address:

strConn = "ODBC;Driver=(Apple_Oranges);UID=MyUID;PWD=MyPass;SERVER=<ip address>,34567;"

ok gustva...

i have discover that the sql connect might be 64 bit and i am on 32 bit.........would that have an impact on the connection....

if i was to added

'Dim StrConn As ADODB.Connection
    'Set StrConn = New ADODB.Connection

to the above vba how would i accomendate or am i wasting my time...
You found out, I can see. Great!

nope. ....I have asked the question on the sql board...totally lost on this one. .
Let us know how you proceed.

stuck...can u suggest something please