Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 - Client Connector URL broken

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I have a new Western Digital DX4000 that configured fine. I can RDP into it. It's added to the domain and shares have been added. The Dashboard on the server itself works fine.

I cannot, however, browse successfully to:  http://name_or_IP/connect  in order to install the Dashboard on a client.

I get the runtime error posted below.  I am presuming IIS is horked somehow, but do not know how to fix this.  Ideas ?

Thanks much.

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It turns out that the box rebooted before a plethora of updates was properly installed. I uninstalled the Rollup 4 update, then ran Windows Update and let everything update properly. The /connect URL works fine now.


This is the correct resolution and took some investigation and critical thinking to resolve.

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