Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials Remote Web Access


I am about to set up Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials Remote Web Access for a client.
This is my first time setting up this software and this particular OS.

My questions are these:

1. My client has a registered domain already, lets say

I have named the server testserver

When i run through the set up wizard in order to set up the remote site, how it is best set up?

Do i say i already have a registered domain "" or will this affect the existing DNS records (the domain is hosted by another company and so all point to their servers).

Do i use the servername (testserver) and then let it create the domain using that?

Do i try and use the Microsoft free Domain service and set up a live account for this?

Am slightly confused? What is the best way to configure this so the clients can connect to the server via the remotewebaccess address on the net?

2. Can you "publish" an Application this way? I know you can connect to PC's on the system once set up, but is there a way for the user to just log in to the web address and then be presented with a programme such as Sage or Quickbooks they can run on the server instead of connecting to a PC?

3. During the wizard it fails to see that there is an Internet Connection (although I can browse the Internet on that server fine). Is this just a case that the port forwarding is incorrect on the router?

Sorry for all the questions and confusion, not set this up before and so am concerned that if i use the exisiting domain then it might screw exsiting bits up etc.

Thanks in advance :)
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Yes you need to use the server name and let it create the domain. For internet web acccess you need to have protocals and services enabled..

regarding your first query, you can refer to the link

for your next query see the installation video in youtube


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jerseysamAuthor Commented:
Lisarao please let me know how I ensure these are set up.

Also, to summarise,

If i set up a windows live account. I can then slect use a new domain and use the servername (testserver).

Then it would create and register the domain ?
jerseysamAuthor Commented:
Ok have managed to get the site set up using Microsoft and can access this via Internet. So thats good :)

Do you know if you can publish apps to this site? Specifically the users would like to be agble to run SAGE from this log in, or is it just RDP and file and folders?
jerseysamAuthor Commented:
Have managed to get it working now.

used new domain and set up remotewebaccess using Microsoft domain registration.

Used CACert for certification as per youtube video.

Installed software from to allow publishing of APPS to the remoteweb site. Found that you cant use APPS remotely as you cant install the remote services role on Essentials 2012 if this server is also a domain contoller, so had to use 3rd party software, which works great.
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