Display MSWord in SSRS report

I need to make an report that displays images text and MsWord document in one report.
I got the Images and text, but how do I include Word documents?
Is it possible?
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
staleb - Can you expand on the business need for embedding a Word doc in an SSRS report?  There may be an easier workaround.
stalebAuthor Commented:
In the solution a customer has Pictures uploaded to the server, comments in the database and Word documents uploaded to the server. In disputes the caseworker take all the documentation of the customer and sends it to another Office. This is done manually now. They want the solution to print one PDf that contains all the information.

I have the solution for the Pictures and text comments, so I thought I might embed Word to.
But after Reading  the link to msdn, I'm looking into other solutions, splitting it up.
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