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Good morning - I have a report with a number of fields but now it has been requested to change the font of all fields. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this without have to select each and every one?

Thank you -
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are 3rd-party tools that are supposed to be able to do that.

However you can select multiple fields and change them all at once.
Hold the shift key and select the fields.

You can also left click the mouse and hold it down then drag a box around the fields you want to change selecting all of them

If you need to change all the fields you can select them all with ctrl-A

James0628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
FWIW, you can also hold Control and left-click, instead of Shift.  Unlike in some other software, using Shift or Control seems to do the same thing in CR, so use whichever you prefer (same effect either way, as far as I can tell).

 You can also select multiple fields by right-clicking on a section label on the left (eg. "Page Header" or Details) and clicking "Select All Section Objects".

rporter45Author Commented:
Both comments were useful - especially with the layout of the report,

Thank you very much,
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.

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