Filtering multiple selections from a Table

How can I select multiple data of a field from a Table on one screen. Then apply a filter to a form and show only those records selected.
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Startrac98Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you
Dale FyeCommented:
Generally, the only way to select multiple values from a single field and include those values in a filter is to use a listbox (or possibly a continuous form based upon a query that selects distinct values from the underlying table).

Assuming you have such a list, which has the Multi-select property set to either Simple or Expanded, I use a function to do it.  So, I would have a list (lst_FilterField) that has a row source that looks something like:

SELECT DISTINCT [FieldName] from yourTable

Then I would have a button (cmd_Filter) which contains the following code in the Click event:
Private Sub cmd_Filter_Click

    me.Filter = fnMultiList(me.lst_FilterField)
    me.filteron = Len(me.filter) > 0

End Sub

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And the function looks like:
Public Function fnMultiList(lst As ListBox, Optional SelectAll As Boolean = False, _
                            Optional UseColumn As Integer = -1) As Variant

    Dim varItem As Variant
    Dim lngItem As Long
    Dim strDelimiter As String
    fnMultiList = Null
    'Determine how to delimit the list items
    If UseColumn = -1 Then UseColumn = lst.BoundColumn - 1
    If IsNumeric(lst.Column(UseColumn, Abs(lst.ColumnHeads))) Then
        strDelimiter = ""
        strDelimiter = Chr$(34)
    End If
    'loop through the selected items in the list
    If lst.MultiSelect = 0 And SelectAll = False Then
        fnMultiList = lst.Value
        For lngItem = 0 To lst.ListCount
            If lst.Selected(lngItem) = True Or SelectAll Then
                fnMultiList = (fnMultiList + ",") _
                            & strDelimiter & lst.Column(UseColumn, lngItem) _
                            & strDelimiter
            End If
        Next lngItem
    End If
    'Strip trailing "," if there is one
    If Right(fnMultiList, 1) = "," Then fnMultiList = Left(fnMultiList, Len(fnMultiList) - 1)
    'Depending on the number of items selected, determine how the "list values" are returned
    If Len(fnMultiList & "") = 0 Then
        fnMultiList = " IS NOT NULL"
        Select Case Len(fnMultiList) - Len(Replace(fnMultiList, ",", ""))
            Case 0
                fnMultiList = " = " & fnMultiList
            Case Else
                fnMultiList = " IN (" & fnMultiList & ")"
        End Select
    End If
End Function

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Startrac98Author Commented:
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