Sharepoint foundation error 6398 from event log on SBS 2011 Box

We are getting a few SharePoint errors on our SBS 2011 box. I have read several posts on this Event but none of them were the precise message that is in this screenshot. I am just going to post a screenshot of the critical error and start from there
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DougApplication Development ManagerCommented:
Have you found out which Job ID is referenced in the error message?

Can you give a little more information about what you've tried?  I found a really good article explaining the error here if you haven't seen it yet:

Most solutions say to restart a timer job.  
     Have you rebooted the box recently?
     Have you restarted any timer jobs?

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DougApplication Development ManagerCommented:
Would you explain the reason for the 'B' grade?  I ask because the grading scale usually follows the philosophy, "'A' should be the default grade awarded unless the answer is deficient."  Also, it's common practice to provide a response to anything but an 'A.'

Although the answer I provided might not have been 'perfect', considering I was the only responder, you didn't respond to my questions, and my answer was not countered with a response it didn't solve your issue, it's borderline insulting not to give an 'A' grade.

Take my comment as just a friendly reminder going forward from one expert to another.
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