Deploying an Access 2010 Runtime application

I have been deploying  several Access 2003 applications using the Package Wizard included with Microsoft Office Access 2003 Developer Extensions.  I package them along with Access 2003 runtime so that the users do not require Access installed on their computers to run the applications.
Each of these applications is actually setup to use two Access databases. The first is a Startup app that opens and checks the last modified date stored in a table within the main application db on the server. If the date is newer on the server, it copies this database down to the local machine.  This works fine with Access 2003 because both the main application db on the server and the deployed database on the local machine are in the .mdb format.
  However, when I deploy an Access 2010 application along with Access 2010 Runtime it creates a database in .accdr format.  The main application  database on the server is in .accdb format.  So I can no longer just copy the database from the server to the local machine.
  Can anyone tell me how I can make this deployment method work with Access 2010?
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We use a similar method except we keep MDEs on the server and not MDBs.  Why are you allowing access to the mdb file?  This is not very secure and anyone with the full version can make design changes and look in the code.  Also, since the mde is compiled, it runs faster and since it's also smaller, it copies quicker to the user's local machine.  

With 2010, you should also create the accde to be stored on the server instead of the accdb.  Then you can add code in your Startup app to rename the accde to accdr so that it can be used with Access 2010 Runtime.  

As an aside, you can also rename an accdb to accdr; however, anyone can easily change it back to accdb and have access to the code.
dsoderstromAuthor Commented:
I can compile the database into an accde but when I package the database including 2010 runtime it will only create an accdr.  I have to package it with runtime because hardly any of our users have MS Access.
Will Access 2010 runtime open an accde database?  I thought it had to be accdr.
You need to change the filetype from accde to accdr.  You can manually rename it, or since you mentioned that you had a Startup app, you could add code in that app to rename the file after it copies it over.

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dsoderstromAuthor Commented:
Okay, that sounds like a plan.  I didn't know you could just rename the database to an accdr.
I will give it a try.  Thank you very much for the help.
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