what does it mean to dereference array of structures?

struct ConfigConnection
  ParameterId metered;     // ParameterId type is "enum"
  ParameterId calibration;

// contents of this array are just numbers
const ConfigConnection ParameterGenerator::connections[] =
  {ParameterId_GeneratorVoltageAB, ParameterId_CalibrationFactorVoltageAB},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorVoltageBC, ParameterId_CalibrationFactorVoltageBC},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorVoltageCA, ParameterId_CalibrationFactorVoltageCA},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorVoltageAN, ParameterId_CalibrationFactorVoltageAN},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorVoltageBN, ParameterId_CalibrationFactorVoltageBN},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorVoltageCN, ParameterId_CalibrationFactorVoltageCN},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorCurrentA , ParameterId_CalibrationFactorCurrentA},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorCurrentB , ParameterId_CalibrationFactorCurrentB},
  {ParameterId_GeneratorCurrentC , ParameterId_CalibrationFactorCurrentC},

for(short i = 0; i < (sizeof(connections)/sizeof(*connections)); ++i)

What does   *connections mean?
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ZoppoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi naseeam,

this *connection simply is the first element pointed to by connection, i.o.w. it's similar to connection[0]. Thus the expression (sizeof(connections)/sizeof(*connections)) returns the number of elements in connections.

Hope that helps,

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