Need a script that will cleanup a CSV file

I have a CSV file that I need to cleanup prior to an import every day. Basically, I need to do the following:

1. Truncate field 2 to the first 5 characters
2. Remove Field 3 altogether
3. Take the last field from every second record (which should be a pure Alpha Value) and add it to the last field in the row above (and delete the second record).
4. Take the first 8 numeric characters from and insert them as Field 1
5. Merge Fields 2 onwards into a single field separated by dashes

My original CSV file looks like this:

09/06/13,21:24:15,03,12345678 FILE FOR OFFICE
09/06/13,21:24:22,03,JUDY JONES
09/06/13,21:24:27,03,34567890 ANY TEXT
09/06/13,21:24:15,03,98765432 HELLO KITTY
09/06/13,21:24:22,03,FRED MIRK
09/06/13,21:24:27,03,29212302 NOTE TO FILE
09/06/13,21:24:34,03,JIM BROWN

After the script runs, I need it to look like this:

12345678,09/06/13 - 21:24 - FILE FOR OFFICE - JUDY JONES
34567890,09/06/13 - 21:24 - ANY TEXT- ACCOUNTING
98765432,09/06/13 - 21:24 - HELLO KITTY - FRED MIRK
29212302,09/06/13 - 21:24 - NOTE TO FILE - JIM BROWN
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How do you want to specify the import and export file name, or are they static? This script currently has them hard-coded, but that can easily be changed so that they're passed at the command line:
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set ImportFile=import.csv
set ExportFile=export.csv
if exist "%ExportFile%" del "%ExportFile%"
set Add=True
for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=," %%a in ('type "%ImportFile%"') do (
	if "!Add!"=="True" (
		set OldCol1=%%~a
		set OldCol2=%%~b
		set OldCol3=%%~c
		set OldCol4a=%%~d
		set Add=False
	) else (
		set OldCol4b=%%~d
		set Add=True
		set NewCol1=!OldCol4a:~0,8!
		set NewCol2=!OldCol1! - !OldCol2:~0,5! - !OldCol4a:~9! - !OldCol4b!
		echo !NewCol1!,!NewCol2!
		>>"%ExportFile%" echo !NewCol1!,!NewCol2!

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Bill PrewCommented:
Similar, but some differences in how I would approach it, maybe a small amount more streamlined. Also handles any length sequence number.

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set FileIn=in.csv
set FileOut=out.csv

set Odd=1
  for /f "usebackq tokens=1,2,4 delims=," %%a in ("%FileIn%") do (
    if !Odd!==1 (
      set Date1=%%~a
      set Time1=%%~b
      for /f "tokens=1* delims= " %%A in ("%%~c") do (
        set Seq1=%%~A
        set Data1=%%~B
    ) else (
      set Data2=%%~c
      echo !Seq1!,!Date1! - !Time1:~0,5! - !Data1! - !Data2!
    set /a "Odd=!Odd! ^^ 1"
) >"%FileOut%"

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DebbieFostAuthor Commented:
Both solutions work nicely - thanks gang!
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