AD and VOIP over cable

so have didicated 3mb bonded at dedicated site.  HW ipsec vpn tunnel established b/w it main loc.  It's own local /on-site AD server(Global Catalog) and VOIP phones that hit the 3com phone system  across the vpn tunnel.

need to increase bandwidth and thinking comcast business cable 10, 20 megs for 200 or so?

But i'm worried about the AD replicating and voip traffic over a tunnel over comcast business cable.  Not sure how AD and VOIP will do over that type of connection that may have not be contiguous packets... don't want to keep a solid guaranteed t1 at the high prices b/c that would defeat the cost savings of going business cable.

what are some things i can consider to combat this ?

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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I work for a construction company and we run AD and voip over VPN provided by cable/dsl for alot of our jobsites. We have not really run into any issues with either of them.
dee30Author Commented:
can't find/see button that allows me to ask for expert assistance on this/a question. wanted to ask help to get more attention to question.  since cant assigning in order to close and move on to a different post.  thx
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