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Running folder

I am running some code in VBA which executes a BAT files with a Shell command. The BAT calls some exe files. It is important that the Excel file be in the same folder as the BAT and the EXE files for everything to work.

My issue is that if the Excel file is opened from the Recent Files list and the code is executed, the start up location is different than the one where the Workbook has been saved. This cause the BAT code to fail since the EXE files can not be found. The only thing that seems to help is to do a Save As to re-save the workbook in the proper folder.

I have tried adding ChDir command before running the code, but that does not seem to help.

Solutions and suggestions are welcome.
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Provide the code that Excel runs the batch file...
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Sub RunMorningFiles()
Dim retVal As Variant
Dim strBatFile As String, strFile As String
    With Worksheets("CDOImport")
        strBatFile = "C:/CSES/Client/batMorningLoad.bat"
        ChDir "C:/CSES/Client/"
        strFile = Format(.Range("rngDate").Value, "yyyymmdd")
        retVal = Shell(strBatFile & " " & strFile, vbMaximizedFocus)
    End With
End Sub

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Will try it when I am at my PC and let you know. Thanks.
Worked. Thank you for your help.