AD server at remote location tombstoned

We have a ad server at a remote location which I believe became tombstoned (need to verify but its been more then 60 days so it should be), which is having trouble replicating and pc's there can not connect back in to the network now that the server is back in place.

Do I want to demote it as a AD server then readd it back in, or do I want to try to fix the tombstoning.  There is one pc which is out of wack (reauthenticated to the AD server which is tombstoned, which I realize now will be a problem when I go to fix things).

It is also hosting DNS, DHCP, Printing and file serving at this location.
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Mike KlineCommented:
I'd probably demote/promote,  you won't be able to cleanly demote it so you would use

dcpromo /forceremoval

Then from a good DC clean that DC out (metadata cleanup)

Once the metadata cleanup has replicated you can add the server back to the domain and promote it again.

You also need to see if you can fine the issue as to why it didn't replicate for so long.

What does repadmin /showreps look like on the box?



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CoffeeBlackAuthor Commented:
repadmin /showrepl mysrvr* /verbose /all /intersite >d:\data_files\it\repl.txt
dcdiag /v /c /d /e /s:mysrvr >d:\data_files\it\dcdiag.txt
dnslint /ad /s "myipaddress"

script ftw...

But yea it looks bad, hasn't replicated in 80 days, the server itself was down and not at all a high priority, and folks were just connecting over the vpn connection.  There's a little more to the story...but doesn't really matter at this point now that we're able to bring it back up.
CoffeeBlackAuthor Commented:
Will I need to remove the server from sites and services as well from the other side, before re-promoting it?
Mike KlineCommented:
Yes delete it out of sites and services.


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