Exclude Zero Results from Pivot Chart

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Is there a way to excludes results with a zero in a pivot table when creating a chart? I am creating a pie chart and everytime I refresh the data I get the zeros from the selected results.  I don't want to just select the fields with data as the report I am working will be update on a weekly basis and make to minimize the amount of tweaking I have to do to the design of the report.
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Insert the same field you use as value in the reportfilter, and deselect zero.
The field I am trying to use is a calculated field and I am getting an error that the field can not be added to the Pivot Table area.
It is like a circular reference, result as input to finding the result.
So you must find a way to calculate the field in the pivotdata.
If that is not possible, I don't have a solution.


Gave solution without having to try to calculate the field inside of the pivotdata.

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