Issues with 2008 server

I am having a issue with a 2008 64 bit server. Here is what has happenned. Had some hard drives beginning to have issues so wanted to break the mirror on the drives and replace the drives. No problem right. As i started to replace the drives ( there are 3 in question here) I replaced the first 2 with no problems. Machine booted and was able to remirror the drive and make all happy again. This was till i came to the 3rd drive in the plex. It has completely gone. The drive says that it is a basic drive and all the space is unallocated. I see this in the MMC for disk management. If I remove this drive I get a message when the machine goes to boot that the "Operating System is Missing" and halts the boot process at this point. I can plug this drive back in and it will boot fine. I need to get this drive out of the machine because SMART is saying there is an issue with the disk. Whether that be the case or not the drives giving problems and i would just rather remove it and run on the existing drives I have installed. What steps do i need to take in order to get the OS on the new drive properly. It says it is "Healthy, System, Boot" and all i thought that should be there to make it bootable. Can someone give me some guidance in where I need to do in order to get this old rive out of this system. I am afraid that one day I will try to reboot, that drive will die and I will be reloading this machine. Any ideas!!!!!?????
James HanksIT TechnicianAsked:
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Make sure the other, still good member of that mirror is set to "active", and in the BIOS make sure that that same drive is first in the boot order. Once that is done you should be able to boot with the bad drive removed and replaced with a good one, and you should also be able to add that new drive to the array.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
mirroring requires an even number of drives. It would appear that the boot block is missing
"Operating System is Missing" is a bios message.

from windows pe or the windows recovery cd
bootrec /fixmbr /fixboot
James HanksIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
The drives are set to active and boot. I will check the BIOS and see if that particular drive is set to boot and let you know. Thanks.
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