P2V for IIS6 web server

At fist a little background: We have a application that consists out of 2 separate servers; one IIS 6 web server and one SQL 2005 standard  server.

I used VMware's P2V tool vCenter converter to convert my physical IIS 6 webserver.
All the user accessible websites work, the only thing that doesn't work is syncing. Our field technicians, who work with PDAs sync data back to corporate, complained that they couldn't initiate the sync. The error message they are getting is the following: "client found response content type of 'text/html charset=utf-8' but expected 'text/xml' "
I tried looking through server 2003 logs and tried comparing the configs on the physical web server to the virtual but it's of no use. Any ideas?

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Are you reverse proxying the requests into the VM sync setup?
aackarAuthor Commented:
the way the PDAs sync is they are simply pointing at the name of the website and therefore ultimately the server IP. What I have done is the VM has kept the same IP and computer name as the physical machine so when NAT at perimeter redirects traffic to internal IP it hits the VM. I made no changes to IIS or the back-end SQL server. So what ever is responsible for the syncing should still be intact on the web server.
Agreed, but whatever the process is that you are changing is altering the header of the HTTP response.

Could you test PDA syncing within the LAN directly to VM to see whether you get this error as well?
The issue might be that IIS within the VM is seeing the request or that while you copied the Physical To the VM, the VM brings up a site that is always off on the physical that is interferring with the syncing.

i.e. the physical had two sites
PDAsyncversion4 (Off)
But during the creation, the status of all sites was set to on such that
PDAsyncversion4 (on)
PDAsyncversion5 (off due to conflict with above)

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aackarAuthor Commented:
I'll try to sync through the LAN and I will let you know the result.
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